We begin with an initial meeting to explore your needs and whether we can help you meet these (free of charge).

To find out whether we can help you either with the management of your investments and/or with your financial planning, we always will have a first meeting with you first. Of course, without any charges or commitments. In this call, you will hear from us what the services are we offer, and we will then invite you to share with us what your needs and requirements are. We will then let you know whether we think there is a match between what you are looking for and what we can offer. If we do not think there is, we will tell you so. Also, if we believe your needs are better matched by other professionals we will try to assist you in finding these.

When there is match, the further process is as follows:

  • A comprehensive fact find, with an emphasis on Investment planning (incl. your risk profile)
  • A first sounding out how we would manage your investments (including IRA accounts)
  • A written investment proposal showing the key 3-5 building blocks (and their historic performance) of your portfolio. This proposal will also show benefits and fees
  • A review of the proposal where all your questions will be answered
  • Agreement and paperwork, all prepared by us
  • Once the account (with Charles Schwab) is up and running and LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney) to manage the account in place, we will touch base with you to have re-confirmed that the agreed investment strategy can be implemented
  • Fees are deducted quarterly from the account
  • You will have on-line access to your account and receive quarterly statements from us as well
  • You will always have your own ISGAM US adviser, available every working day to answer questions and be of service

Management Fees

$0.5 – 1 million 1-1.2% per annum
$1 - 5 million 1% per annum
$5-10 million 0.8% per annum
$10 million plus 0.7% per annum
Note: plus Schwab transaction cost