The company was founded in Miami (Fl) in 2022 by Frank van Lerven CFP® with two objectives:

  • To serve the needs of US clients whether residing in the US or overseas
  • Offer US financial planners the opportunity to partner or join ISGAM US´s blend of services which consist of both asset management as well as financial planning services


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Asset Management

  • Investment models in equities, fixed interest and alternative investments
  • Disciplined investment strategy with diversification as the central principle
  • Global outlook
  • Personalized portfolios, considering tax efficiency
  • Cost efficient
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In our client´s portfolios we use the investment models created by ISGAM AG, Zurich Switzerland.

ISGAM AG is a sub-adviser of ISGAM US LLC.

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Financial Planning

  • Client focused
  • Including all the key dimensions of life
  • Cross-border
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Second opinion on set-up and strategy existing investments
  • 401(k) strategy review
  • Advice 529 plan
  • Pay by hour
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Drs. Frank R. Van Lerven CFP® - Headshot
Drs. Frank R. Van Lerven CFP®
William (Bill) Johnston - Headshot
William (Bill) Johnston
Relationship Manager
Ingrid Bouwman - Headshot
Ingrid Bouwman
Rinus Callenbach - Headshot
Rinus Callenbach
Derek Grijns - Headshot
Derek Grijns
Compliance support


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Investors & Their Decisions

7 articles covering how biases can lead private investors to make poor decisions and underperform the market, how this can be managed, and the role financial advisers can have in the latter.


8 articles addressing the correlation between income and happiness (which exists to a certain level); other factors which can contribute to our inner well-being and a holistic approach to financial planning covering all these factors.

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