We begin with an initial meeting to explore your needs and whether we can help you meet these (free of charge).

To find out whether we can help you either with the management of your investments and/or with your financial planning, we always will have a first meeting with you first. Of course, without any charges or commitments. In this call, you will hear from us what the services are we offer, and we will then invite you to share with us what your needs and requirements are. We will then let you know whether we think there is a match between what you are looking for and what we can offer. If we do not think there is, we will tell you so. Also, if we believe your needs are better matched by other professionals we will try to assist you in finding these.

When there is match, the further process is as follows:

  • An engagement agreement will be made, outlining the scope of the engagement, also with the nr. of chargeable hours involved stated. The latter tends to range between 3-10 hours. When more time is needed than the hours agreed, we will contact you and receive your agreement to spend more time. Invoicing will happen once the advice has been delivered (which includes of course, reviewing the advice and assisting with the implementation where needed). Note: there are no commitments to annual packages, or larger money investments. Our hourly fees are $250, so fees will range from $750 to $2500 pending on the requirements
  • Financial planning advice is given in written form. This advice will include a spreadsheet with an easy&simple to read one page spreadsheet, showing assets, their allocations as well as financial planning goals
  • The advice is reviewed with questions answered and further inputs given where needed
  • Support is given with implementing the advice
  • When you want to touch base with us later to receive further advice, we are available to support further and this can be on a hourly basis (no minimum hours)


$250 per hour